High Frontier’s South Carolina Update 1/18/2016

Feature Speaker: Dr. Henry Cooper (Chairman, High Frontier)

South Carolina National Security Action Summit – 2015: Panel on Threats to America’s Electric Power Grid and Critical Infrastructure

Featured Speakers Include: Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (Executive Director, Task Force on National and Homeland Security), Dr. Henry Cooper (Chairman, High Frontier) Dr. George Baker (CEO, Baycor, LLC) and Mr. Scott Cooper.

South Carolina National Security Action Summit – 2015: Panel on America’s Military in Decline

Featured Speakers Include: Admiral “Ace” Lyons (US Navy, Retired), Mr. Peter Huessy (President of GeoStrategic Analysis), LTC Bill Connor (USAR, JAG) and Mr. Danny Strickland (Political Military Advisor).

South Carolina National Security Action Summit – 2015: Panel on The Threat from Sharia and the Global Jihad Movement

Featured Speakers Include: Clare Lopez (Vice President for Research, Secure Freedom), Mr. John Guandolo (Founder, Understanding the Threat), Mr. David Bores (Woodstock, Georgia, Chief of Police, Retired), LTG William G. Boykin (US Army, Retired) and Mr. Frank Gaffney (President, Secure Freedom).

South Carolina National Security Action Summit – 2015: Panel on Border and Immigration Insecurity

Featured Speakers Include: Mr. Javier Manjarres (Managing Editor of Shark Tank Political Blog), Ms. Rosemary Jenks (Director of Government Relations, NumbersUSA), Ms. Ann Corcoran (Editor, Refugee Resettlement Watch), and Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly (Author, columnist).

South Carolina National Security Action Summit – 2015: Full Version

Hank Cooper Speaks at Sold Out SC Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach

High Frontier Chairman Hank Cooper spoke at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, which was held in Myrtle Beach on Martin Luther King Day weekend.  Joining Cooper was former Deputy Adjutant General of the South Carolina National Guard Les Isner.
Cooper discussed the existing threats to the U.S. electric grid, but also discussed South Carolina’s unique position in defending the nation as a result of the 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, which is located in Anderson, SC.  Also discussed was South Carolina’s unique position of receiving close to 60 % of its’ energy from its’ four existing nuclear power plants and how they, along with the two newly proposed nuclear power plants, could put South Carolina in the position to lead the way in restoring a nation-wide grid failure, provided South Carolina can secure the nuclear power plants cooling systems.