February 23, 2016—Another Satellite Launch by Iran—Hmmm!!!

February 23, 2016—Another Satellite Launch by Iran—Hmmm!!!

Intelligence agencies are closely watching preparations in Iran to test a Simorgh space launch vehicle that U.S. officials say is the base for Tehran’s covert program to develop long-range nuclear missiles. Bill Gertz, February 18, 2016

So, Iran is nearing another satellite launch, which could be a surrogate for developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which is what most observers surmise it to be. 

But there is a more ominous possibility—that in launching its satellite to its south, Iran is just practicing to carry a nuclear weapon to be detonated over the United States to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would shut down our electric grid, causing chaos that would lead to the death of many millions of Americans.  That would give real meaning to the chant: “Death to America” … the Great Satan.

Furthermore, Iran’s missile and nuclear weapon development programs should be considered in concert with those of its ally, North Korea. Thus, it is most notable that this pending Iranian test comes on the heels of North Korea’s recent underground nuclear test and satellite launch.

North Korea Initiatives Gaining More Attention.

My February 2, 2016 message, “Another North Korean Satellite Launch—Hmmm” discussed an expected North Korean Satellite launch, realized on February 7. Included were implications of that event coupled with North Korea’s fourth underground nuclear test (on January 6, 2016), which could have been a Hydrogen bomb, or H-Bomb, as North Korean spokesmen claimed. Such a low-yield H-Bomb could be designed to be what Russian Generals called a Super EMP weapon, a design for which was passed to North Korea over a decade ago.  (See my January 12, 2016 message.)

Recent reports suggest North Korea may be planning a fifth underground nuclear test. Click here for a discussion of the uncertainties in such an assessment. How many of these nukes do they have??? And what are they testing???

Many of these issues were discussed in a February 20th CNBC informative article by Javier David, “North Korea’s arsenal raises the stakes for US grid: Experts.” Click here for this important mainstream media article. Great Britain’s Daily and Sunday Express also ran another version of the same story, with a few additional observations.  (I must say I don’t know the meaning of an “essential” threat quoted in both articles: I must have said “existential” threat in my interview with the CNBC story author.)

I encourage you to read these articles, and to peruse the Comments, because they reveal a general lack of public understanding about this important threat.  And they are silent on the implications of North Korea’s development activities for the growing threat from a nuclear-armed Iran. Click here for a February 12th National Review article by several well informed former senior officials, “Underestimating Nuclear Missile Threats from North Korea and Iran.”

Pending Iranian Test—Of What?

As is my usual practice, my February 2nd message also discussed these implications for North Korea’s long-time ally, Iran. And today’s main message supplements that message based on Bill Gertz February 18, 2016 report that the Intelligence Community now sees Iran preparing to launch another satellite of its own.  Click here for his Washington Free Beacon article, “Pending Iranian Space Launch Contrary to U.N. Resolution.”

February 23, 2016—Another Satellite Launch by Iran—Hmmm!!!A paraphrase of several of Gertz’s pertinent observations follow (My supplementary comments are italicized and underlined.):

  • UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which outlines implementation of the recent Iranian nuclear agreement, prohibits Iran from conducting nuclear ballistic missile tests for the next eight years. Is anyone surprised that Iran is again acting contrary to President Obama’s lousy deal that released over a hundred billion dollars to Iran, which can be used to purchase, among other things, nuclear weapons from its ally North Korea?
  • If, more likely when, Iran (again) violates these commitments, Obama officials have indicated that “we will continue to work with our partners, and take any necessary unilateral actions, to counter ongoing threats from Iran’s ballistic missile program.” Right . . . whatever that means.
  • Contrary to Iranian government statements that its Simorgh space launcher is limited to carrying a 220-pound payload —“too small for a first-generation nuclear warhead,” a U.S. official said the rocket will be powerful enough to carry a large nuclear warhead if Iran develops one. Comment: A low-yield H-Bomb EMP-Super Weapon might well weigh 220 pounds.
  • Since September, Intelligence agencies have detected two missile component shipments from Pyongyang to Iran, apparently large-diameter engines—heralding a launch capability for a much larger payload. As reported in my April 24, 2013 message, Iran launched a monkey into space almost three years ago in a capsule weighting over two tons.
  • Given that space launch technology is identical to long-range missile technology, U.S. Strategic Command described North Korea’s February 7th alleged satellite test as a test of a long-range missile. Possibly, but a long-range missile might not be what Iran has as a near-term plan.
  • As Gertz correctly observes, a satellite-borne nuclear warhead “could be detonated in low-earth orbit to create a damaging electromagnetic pulse [EMP] over wide areas”. . . as Gertz implied, that warhead delivery system would not need to “survive the high heat of atmospheric reentry,” simplifying and shortening its development.

End America’s Vulnerability to Attacks from the South!

In addition to these pertinent observations, it should be emphasized that Iran’s satellites, like North Korea’s, are launched to the South and approach the United States from over the South Polar regions. 

To the best of my knowledge, our “homeland” ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems are designed to intercept ICBMs that approach the United States from over the North Polar regions—In effect, we have left the back door open while attempting to lock the front door. 

It is long past time to rectify this misjudgment.  Both North Korea and Iran are fast approaching the point when they will have demonstrated a capability to attack us from the South with what we called during the Cold War a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System, or “FOBS,” first deployed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s.

If we don’t respond, we will be vulnerable to blackmail if not a direct EMP attack that could take down the electric grid with disastrous consequences, as pointed out by the CNBC and Sunday Express articles referenced above. 

Finally, it should not be forgotten that even short or medium range ballistic missiles could be launched from vessels off our coasts — and to the best of my knowledge, we remain vulnerable to such attacks — especially from the Gulf of Mexico.  See last week’s message for my most recent discussion of this threat, which might be posed by a surrogate of North Korea or especially Iran — like ISIS. 

Wake up, America!  

Near-Term High Frontier Plans.

We will continue to inform our readers of the looming threats we confront — and where appropriate urge them to engage in countering that threat.  We will press for building the most cost-effective ballistic missile defenses possible and working with South Carolina folks to build a coalition to engage constructively with private citizens and their local and state representatives and other authorities to work with the SC National Guard in understanding and responding to the existential threats to the electric power grid.

We are especially focused on the nuclear power reactors that produce 60-percent of SC electricity—and more generally 20-percent of the nation’s electricity. If it can be assured that they “operate through” a major blackout of the electric power grid — and I believe it can, then these reactors can play a very important role for resurrecting the grid over an extended time and supporting the general public’s survival in the meantime.

What can you do?

Join us in praying for our nation, and for a rebirth of the freedom sought, achieved and passed to us by those who came before us.

Help us to spread our message to the grass roots and to encourage all “powers that be” to provide for the common defense as they are sworn to do.

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Encourage them to review our past email messages, posted on www.highfrontier.org, to learn about many details related to the existential manmade and natural EMP threats and how we can protect America against them. I hope you will help us with our urgently needed efforts, which I will be discussing in future messages.

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