Help High Frontier Continue This Momentum!

Help High Frontier Continue This Momentum!

Dear Friend of High Frontier …

President Trump’s National Security Strategy, announced on Monday, compels me to urge you to consider a year-end tax-deductible gift to High Frontier. He is on the right track and I want to help. I hope you do, too.

I could not have hoped for more than his strategy’s support of the causes that we have championed for years. In particular, he clearly wants to protect Americans against the existential threats to our electric power grid, including building the most effective ballistic missile defenses.

As I wrote in Tuesday’s message, his National Security Strategy specifically identified the requirement for urgent action:

“Critical infrastructure keeps our food fresh, our houses warm, our trade flowing, and our citizens productive and safe. The vulnerability of U.S. critical infrastructure to cyber, physical, and electromagnetic attacks means that adversaries could disrupt military command and control, banking and financial operations, the electrical grid, and means of communication.”

I could not have stated the problem more succinctly—and it reflects my messages for the past several years. I think we contributed to him recognizing this urgent problem, and we can help him address it. 

In particular, I firmly believe our efforts to deal with these issues from the “bottom up” will respond to this challenge in the most timely and effective way, especially via our Lake Wylie Pilot Study, which can serve as a model for the nation. We can prove this is so this year!  

President Trump’s National Security Strategy also highlighted the critically important role of building truly effective ballistic missile defenses, High Frontier’s mission since its founding to support President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) vision 35 years ago. It states:

“The United States is deploying a layered missile defense system focused on North Korea and Iran to defend our homeland against missile attacks. This system will include the ability to defeat missile threats prior to launch. Enhanced missile defense is not intended to undermine strategic stability or disrupt longstanding strategic relationships with Russia or China.”

So, I want to make major progress with much more effective defenses than President Trump inherited by returning to President Reagan’s SDI vison that I championed for him and as SDI Director.

So, please help us with a generous year end, tax deductible, contribution—and/or consider making a sustaining monthly commitment in 2018 at .  Let this be a year of great progress for High Frontier and America!

May God bless you—and the United States of America!  Let Freedom Ring!


Ambassador Henry F. Cooper

Chairman, High Frontier

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