January 10, 2017—It’s Over?

January 10, 2017—It’s Over?

On January 6, the 115th Congress certified the will of the Electoral College and the Constitutional basis for our Republic, officially ending efforts of a disheartened Democrat Party to somehow deflect Donald Trump from becoming our 45th President.  Vice President Joe Biden, who chaired this session, memorably chastened Democrats who continued to seek to block the will of the people, declared their attempts to be out of order, memorably stated “It’s over!” and adjourned the session.

Click here for a youtube video of this memorable event.

So far, so good.  But Vice President (for 10 more days) Biden’s observation did not and will not end what promises to be very contentious congressional proceedings in the coming weeks and months, beginning with continuing suggestions that the Russians — and particularly under the direction of Vladimir Putin — were responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the election.

The fact is that the Obama-Clinton-Democrat Party simply can’t get over their loss and the fact that “grass roots” Americans want a marked change from the legacy of the past eight years. They want to “make America great again.”

Numerous left wing speeches at Sunday evening’s Global Globes awards makes clear that significant liberal regulars will be continuing to fan these flames. Whether pertinent or true.

Moreover, as I ridiculed in my December 13, 2016 message, we should be “shocked, shocked that Russia tried to influence our election!” . . . like being shocked to find gambling in a casino. (Click here.)

Then, my December 20 message reflected on “more sound and fury” signifying nothing (Click here.), which included reflecting on the fact that this is nothing new except the emphasis on cyber threats. And I recalled Soviet attempts to affect the re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984 (with help from Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) — along with unsuccessful attempts to block the reelection of the leaders of all our NATO partners associated with our deployment of INF missiles in their nations.

Last week we had a new report — from the CIA, FBI and NSA — not the 17 members of the Intelligence Community (IC) as so often claimed.  Click here for the full report, which includes in its five pages on its unclassified assessment that:

“Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publically contrasting her unfavorably with him . . . CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.”

No mention is made of the views of the other 14 of the 17 intelligence organizations that are so often lumped together by those who still claim that the “intelligence community” has “high confidence” in such assessments. Notably, the National Security Agency (NSA) is the most expert organization when it comes to “Cyber/Hacking” matters.

I’m sympathetic with Fred Fleitz’s assessment of this report (Click here.) and his reference to comments by past House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoikstra (R-Mich.). Click here for a youtube excerpt video from his interview on Fox News Kelly Files in which he concludes that the report is “not compelling.” I agree with both in wondering if there were dissenting views from other members of the intelligence community? And other observations they may have made?

These cyber/hacking operations have been the focus of the main charges about email hacking of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), particularly the emails of John Podesta, who led Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Notably, the report observes that “Russia’s intelligence services conducted cyber operations against targets associated with both major U.S. political parties.”  They obtained “large volumes” of data from the DNC, but not from the Republican National Committee (RNC). Maybe the DNC should pay more attention to protecting its email systems against cyber threats.

Consider, “What did the Russians know and when they know it?” . . . including Hillary Clinton’s server — remember the illegal one in her closet, used for classified correspondence? 

The CIA, FBI and NSA report was silent on this subject, but is there any doubt that Russia, with the capabilities described, (and others) probably hacked it?  Why was this matter not considered in the CIA, FBI and NSA report? And why was Pedesta’s email hacks not mentioned. Politics?  You think?

Regarding our ability to understand the impact of pertinent email messages from whatever source, note that facts pertinent to longstanding investigations that have been stalled by the Obama administration and continue to trickle out. Again illustrated Sunday evening when the FBI quietly released another 299 or so email messages, particularly dealing with how the Obama-Clinton administration-State Department dealt with the Benghazi fiasco that led to the death of our Ambassador and three other Americans.  For example, click here, here, and here

Can you believe anything these folks tell us? Not to worry, nothing here rises to the level to charge former Secretary of State Clinton — according to FBI Director Comey.  So, there can be nothing here, right?

We clearly need more honesty and responsibility from those who manage our key institutions.

Finally, the report spent an equal number of pages (5) discussing how the Kremlin’s RT America TV seeks to influence politics and fuel discontent in U.S. It notes that this Kremlin-financed channel, operated from within the United States, has substantially expanded its repertoire of programming that highlights criticism of alleged U.S. shortcomings in democracy and civil liberties. Significant resources are reported to be expanding the channel’s reach, particularly its social media. A reliable UK report stated that RT was the most-watched foreign news channel in the UK. RT America has positioned itself as a domestic US channel and has deliberately sought to obscure any legal ties to the Russian Government.

See below an interesting chart from the report. RT America and Al Jazerra English are obviously active in their influence peddling. However, it is not clear that they are more engaged or more effective in left wing influence peddling than U.S. media—see the CNN bars below.

January 10, 2017—It’s Over?
So . . . how will other things go? 

Is it over when it comes to accepting the outcome of the election; when it comes to the confirmation hearings for President Trump’s nominations for his cabinet and other senior leaders — no doubt beginning with outrageous charges against Senator Jeff Sessions in his confirmation hearing today to become Attorney General? What about other cabinet officers? For the Supreme Court?  What about Obama Care? 

What about restoring our atrophying military systems, and building truly effective ballistic missile defenses — particularly the most cost-effective ones based in space??? What about assuring the viability of our electric power grid—including in dealing with cyber threats as well as from physical and electromagnetic pulse attacks? Etc.?

I sure hope it’s over.  But I’m not holding my breath.  Stay tuned.

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