July 4, 2017—Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2017—Happy Independence Day!

Today, we celebrate the founding of America on July 4, 1776—Independence Day to remember when, for the first time ever, “We the People” declared their right to protect themselves from the encroachments of an over-reaching, intrusive government. That formula grew America into a free people and the world’s sole superpower with a quality of life for hundreds of millions, unmatched by any other nation on earth. But as Benjamin Franklin stated on that first Independence Day, the founders “gave us a Republic if we can keep it.”

Today there are growing threats to our quality of life in America – not the least of which are posed by ballistic missiles that threaten our very existence, as North Korea just emphasized for our July Fourth celebration.  High Frontier is seeking to awaken all Americans to those threats—including their associated existential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat. And we are making progress, witness my testimony to congress and grass roots efforts, reported in my recent email High Frontier messages.  I believe the Trump  administration recognizes these threats and offers a real opportunity for the first time in years to make major progress in dealing with EMP and building the most cost effective ballistic missiles defense (BMD) systems since the demise of President Ronald Reagan’s SDI program that I was privileged to lead.

But here we are, with many of the SDI programs I helped to conceive and initiate 30-years ago now being deployed around the world at sea and on land—and their importance is finally being recognized.  But there are still critics and skeptics. Witness the still missingtruly most cost-effective BMD systems—those based in space—because they were scuttled in 1993 for political reasons, when President Bill Clinton’s Defense Secretary, Les Aspin, boasted he “Took the stars out of Star Wars.” No administration since has reversed that mistake of major strategic importance.

We are making progress in getting folks to realize this shortsightedness, but we need your strong support!  At least the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has made several significant proposals to review and reverse this neglect of space defenses, the most cost-effective BMD systems developed by the SDI program. It is time for us to ramp up our efforts to make sure that all in Congress understand the importance of those errors, so they will work toward correcting them when they return after their anticipated August recess, when the House and Senate will finalize their important legislation for next year.

By pledging your support to High Frontier, you can help us get out the word to those who can deal with this important effort.  We will, of course, continue to keep you informed on our progress. Let Freedom Ring!


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Click here for President Ronald Reagan’s July 4, 1983 address to the nationa few months after he announced in challenge to America’s scientists and engineers to figure out how to “save lives rather than avenge them”leading to his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and a few months before we began deploying our Intermediate Range Nuclear Force (INF) missiles to counter the Soviet Union’s SS-20’s in Eastern Europeand when the Soviets then walked out of all negotiations.  Reagan and our NATO allies held firm through the 1984 elections and the Soviets returned to the talks and serious negotiations in March, 1985 to achieve the first ever reductions in nuclear arms.  Our negotiating leverage from Reagan’s SDI was critically important to these eventsand we are the beneficiaries of those who held the line on Reagan’s agenda “Peace through strength!”  We need a repeat performance to rebuild our defenses and to make our missile defenses all that Reagan sought.  We can do this!

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