March 17, 2015—SC Citizens Want to Fix the Vulnerable Grid, ASAP!

March 17, 2015—SC Citizens Want to Fix the Vulnerable Grid, ASAP!

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion.”  … Thomas Jefferson

Saturday’s South Carolina National Security Action Summit was a great success in “informing the discretion” of many good South Carolinians and others from as far away as at least Virginia.  We had around 250 folks in spite of bad weather that led to cancelations of some of our key presenters—our Moderator Frank Gaffney had to drive through the night from  Virginia to make it with 15 minutes to spare—and after a sleepless night he did a great job.


High Frontier was pleased to join with his Center for Security Policy and Breitbart News to sponsor this important Summit in my home state’s capital, Columbia—and I would urge you to watch the full set of presentations and Q&As by clicking here—the conference begins at 5 minutes and 48 seconds. In particular, the section at 1:46-3:25 records the expert panel on the existential threats to the Electric Power Grid with a particular emphasis on how South Carolina and our neighbors can assure the nation can survive and recover from such threats, should they materialize. Below is quick summary that we passed out to all attendees. 

SC Challenge to Protect the Grid

Understand the Threat to the Electric Grid is Real!

  • Physical Attack: According to the Wall Street Journal, Former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff said Metcalf-like attacks (San Jose, California) on only nine identifiable key substations in the USA could shut down the entire grid for 18 months (See
  • Cyber Attack: NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers testified he expects a catastrophic cyber-attack on our critical infrastructure, specifically mentioning the Grid, within a decade
  • Manmade EMP: We hardened our strategic systems against EMP attacks, but not civil critical infrastructure such as the electric Grid
  • Natural EMP: Will surely happen, the only question is when

Catastrophic Consequences of Loss of Electricity for months:

  • Stops our “just-in-time economy”—flow of food, water, medicine, fuel, heating, sewage, transportation, elevators, etc. (Read Bill Forstchen’s One Second After.)
  • Major fatalities begin within weeks unless preparations are made, and most Americans could perish within a year

What to do?

  • Inform yourselves—competent studies show the key to survival is to prepare at the local level
  • Assure your local authorities are prepared—First Responders—firemen, police, volunteers,
  • Assure your National Guard is prepared/trained—as they are to deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, fires, floods, etc.
  • Assure your local and state leaders engage and train—from the Governor on down, especially the Adjutant General, Director of Emergency Management and Director of the SC Law Enforcement Division.
  • To support these objectives, engage with your local, state and national elected officials—they represent you!

A few key objectives:

  • Make sure South Carolina’s nuclear reactors can operate through an extended Grid Shutdown—to enable a restart of the overall Grid.
  • Work via the 263rd Army Air & Missile Defense Command (in Anderson) to defend against Ballistic Missile Threats from the South.
  • Educate as many as possible about the threat and what can be done to counter it.
  • Promote neighborhood awareness and preparations.


 Key Bottom Lines.

I think it is fair to say that we got our message across that this existential threat can be effectively countered, but:

  • Washington is badly broken and not dealing with the associated issues;
  • The Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission (FERC)/North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), which alleges to be protecting our interests, is counterproductive; and
  • We are headed in a number of wrong directions.
  • Thus, we need a serious grass roots effort, beginning with the local and state authorities, to “knock some heads” among those who are failing their sworn duty to provide for our common defense—and to take initiatives ourselves to provoke the needed changes.

I urge you to watch the panel discussion—it is well worth 90 minutes of your time—from 1:46-3:25 of the full conference. As Frank Gaffney said in introducing our panel, none of the other important issues discussed at the conference—which are also worth your time to review—will matter if “We the People” do not deal with this existential threat.

Click here to download my PowerPoint briefing which gives a brief synopsis of some initiatives we can take, especially in South Carolina.   As noted above, we will be participating in the next few months in various activities around South Carolina and with others to get the message out and to help initiate solutions.

Stay tuned!

What can you do?

Join us in praying for our nation, and for a rebirth of the freedom sought, achieved and passed to us by those who came before us.

Help us to spread our message to the grass roots and to encourage all “powers that be” to provide for the common defense as they are sworn to do.

Begin by passing this message to your friends and suggest they visit our webpage, for more information. Also, please encourage your sphere of influence to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter.

Encourage them to review our past email messages, posted on, to learn about many details related to the existential manmade and natural EMP threats and how we can protect America against them. Yes, we also remain vulnerable to the EMP caused by a major solar storm that will one day surely create this threat condition—and we are not dealing with it either.

I hope you will help us with our urgently needed efforts, which I will be discussing in future messages. Click here to make your tax deductible gift. If you prefer to mail a check, Please send it to 500 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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