A Message To Our South Carolina Friends

A Message To Our South Carolina Friends

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High Frontier is proud to have the opportunity to participate in the second annual Palmetto Panel.

In a season where many are focused solely on Presidential Politics, the Palmetto Panel is focused on the issues which are critical to the success of the future of South Carolina.

Specifically, High Frontier’s Chairman Henry Cooper, along with long-time friend and coalition partner Dr. Peter Pry will be updating on the progress taking place as it relates to harnessing hydro-electric power in such a way to re-start our Nuclear Power Plants in the event of an electric grid shut down.  High Frontier and our coalition partner’s strongly believe South Carolina can lead in solving our grid insecurity issues, not only for the state of South Carolina, but for the entire nation!

Please join us next Saturday, as we update this timely and critically important conference on our progress.  Seats are limited.  Please click here to reserve your tickets!

In addition to our presentation, here are the list of other speakers, and topics:

  • State Treasurer Curtis Loftis – Our State Budget and our Unfunded Liabilities
  • Congressman Jeff Duncan – National Security and The Convention of the States
  • Ellen Weaver – School Choice
  • Bill Eames – Learning Specific Skills to Effectively Influence Your Elected Leaders
  • Jim Simpson – Islamic Refugee Resettlement
  • John Anthony – Property Rights
  • Henry Cooper and Dr. Peter Pry – Specific Solutions to Securing South Carolina’s Electric Grid
  • Ron Aiken – An Investigative Journalist for South Carolina Policy Council
  • Representative Gary Smith – Updating on the South Carolina Legislature
  • Vince Coakley – Word Radio Personality
  • The end of the day includes a group panel discussion where the audience will be able to ask questions to each of the panelits.

If you are a South Carolinian who believe these are issues critical to our future in South Carolina – regardless of the election – I strongly encourage you to join us for this discussion.  Registration will begin at 8 AM and the conference begins at 9 AM – yes, the website needs to updated.  Seats are limited, so please reserve your ticket today at www.PalmettoPanel.com!

I look forward to seeing you next Saturday.  Please share this with your friends in South Carolina!

Palmetto Panel

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