Help Me Wish My Father a Happy Birthday!

Help Me Wish My Father a Happy Birthday!



Good Morning!

Yesterday was my father’s birthday.

He does not know I have prepared this message.

Because Suzy and I now live with he and my mother at our family farm, (in a home which was originally constructed by his grandfather), I have had the privilege to observe first-hand how he has invested the last year of his time.

I have been with him when he purchased text books, I have been with him as he met with state and nationally known military leaders, scientists, educators and policy makers.  I have watched him arrive in his home office in the early morning hours to study, and leave after the sun goes down.  Much of his time has been spent strategically thinking, along with other experts, on how to solve one of the most pressing national security issues of our time, hardening our most critical of infrastructures, our electric grid.

Through his efforts, High Frontier has had the privilege of participating in three National Security Action Summits, in early primary states where many of the Presidential Candidates participated, the first of which was held in South Carolina.  Click the picture below to watch the “Threats to America’s Electric Power Grid and Critical Infrastructure Panel” at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit this past March.

Hank Cooper_1

 Dad went on to participate in similar summits in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Anyone paying attention to the news and the Presidential debates will see these efforts have helped stimulate a much needed nation-wide discussion – and our efforts are indeed yielding much needed fruit!

2016 is going to be a year where High Frontier hopes to help drill down locally.

Would you help me honor my father, and thank him by wishing him a happy birthday, and consider spurring him on in this effort, by making either a one time or a recurring monthly tax deductible contribution to High Frontier?


If you have read his writings or spent any time with my father, you know he is committed to this effort regardless – but I would like to encourage him with an outpouring of support and gratitude for his efforts.

To send him a personal birthday greeting – you can e-mail him at

To make a contribution, you can go online by clicking here, or you can mail a check to: 500 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA  22314.

I would be remiss if I did not mention how I am personally grateful for the opportunity I have had to first hand watch my father invest this year, time that could be spent on a golf course or simply relaxing, investing in providing for the common defense of the next generation.  He has been an inspiration, and I am thankful for the opportunity to come alongside him to assist him in this effort.

Dad and I preparing to go to meetings in November 2013!
Dad and I preparing to go to meetings in November 2013!

Thank you for your consideration.  May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

Scott Cooper

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