Join Us In Myrtle Beach on Martin Luther King Day Weekend!

Join Us In Myrtle Beach on Martin Luther King Day Weekend!

As a young man, In the 1980’s, I had the privilege of living in Geneva, Switzerland.  As the son of one of the negotiators with the Soviet Union, Hank Cooper, who had experience serving both Republican and Democratic administrations, I had a vantage point where I learned very early on that providing for the common defense of the United States was not, at least at that point in history, a partisan issue.

Because of my proximity to the players, over the several years those negations took place I was privileged to watch Congressional delegations come to town to observe and learn about the process taking place in Geneva.  I WAS ONLY AN OBSERVER OF THE PROCESS – but what I learned was both sides of the political aisle were concerned about the negotiations taking place, and genuinely sought what was best for all Americans.

One of the most interesting Democrats I had the privilege of meeting, mostly because of his family history, was Senator Edward Kennedy.

I start this letter with that preface because I am going to share information on a conference, which I believe is a critically important in the education of all Americans, but many believe is a partisan conference.  I want to stress that the issues High Frontier are advocating are non-respecter of person issues.  Whether we and our coalition of like-minded groups and individuals succeed or fail, will impact ALL AMERICAN’s, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status or any affiliation which sometimes divide.

Joe Dugan, The Executive Director of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention is a personal friend.  When focusing on the problems not being solved in Washington DC, he and his team in my opinion have done more to help educate ALL South Carolinians and citizens of the South East Region on the potential solutions on a wide range of issues other conference I can think of.  For five years he is hosted a three-day conference on Martin Luther King Day weekend which addresses these issues.


Each year, Joe and his team have increased the segment of time allotted to National Security.  This is in part because of the things taking place in our world, but it is also in part due to Joe’s strategic thinking and the consensus of concern most American’s have.

High Frontier considers it a privilege to be returning to this conference again in 2016 to give an update on the work we are specifically doing here in South Carolina, and the progress which has been made in other states.  We sincerely hope you will take time to review the entire agenda – and hope you will join us.

Last year’s event was sold out – so if you want to join us, don’t delay in ordering your tickets!

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Scott Cooper

Executive Director


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