June 14, 2016—Wake Up, America; Stop Political Correctness!

June 14, 2016—Wake Up, America; Stop Political Correctness!

We face a challenging threat environment here at home as Islamist extremists abroad have dug into their core sanctuaries and expanded into new territory. ISIS sympathizers and fighters continue to wreak havoc, launching murderous attacks from Baghdad to Brussels to San Bernardino. ISIS remains entrenched in its core bases in Raqqa and Mosul while it exploits vacuums to expand its networks in places like North Africa. Al Qaeda and its affiliates also pose a continuing threat as they operate from safe havens, including in Syria and Yemen. Meanwhile, the world’s primary state sponsor of terror, Iran, has seized on American retreat to enhance its capabilities and advance its nefarious agenda. This moment demands true leadership and a vision for a global order that secures us and our allies.”  ~ House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul—June 2, 2016

The above quotation came with Chairman McCaul’s release of his June “Terror Snapshot Report,” which highlighted the following “Key Takeaways.”

  • ISIS and its global affiliates pose a persistent threat, including here in the U.S. where authorities are investigating more than 800 ISIS-linked cases.
  • ISIS and al Qaeda maintain safe havens from where they can recruit, train, and deploy operatives to launch attacks in the West.
  • Waves of dangerous foreign fighters are returning home from Syria and Iraq, particularly to Europe, where Islamist terror operatives have infiltrated borders by posing as refugees.
  • A terrorist whom President Obama released from Guantanamo in 2012 has assumed an increasingly prominent role with al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, highlighting the threat of recidivism among former detainees.
  • The Iranian regime’s support for terror continues unabated, including in Syria where its intervention empowers ISIS and al Qaeda.

Click here for access to the full report which elaborates that the last two years of 800 Islamic State linked investigations were in all 50 states and that a dozen people have been arrested in 10 states this year for “plots to attack” and other activities. Thirty percent of former Guantanamo Bay detainees have returned or are suspected of having returned to jihadist activity and other charges. See the summary below on how your state fits.

June 14, 2016—Wake Up, America; Stop Political Correctness!Florida certainly does, as made manifestly clear by the June 12 early Sunday morning attack that killed 49 and wounded 53 others in Orlando Florida — the most horrific terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11 and the deadliest U.S. mass shooting ever. A SWAT Team, three hours after Omar Mir Seddique Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida initiated his attack, killed the sole terrorist and saved at least 30 others.

While the Obama “powers that be” have not yet concluded that this clear jihadist attack was associated with Islam or ISIS in particular, Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS as his deadly rampage began via a 911 operator, and then he shouted “Allāhu Akbar” as he shot his victims. And ISIS has claimed credit. Sure sounds like an association with Islam to me — especially when we learn that Mateen was an FBI suspect for possible relationships with jihadist groups in 2013 as prompted by his two trips to Saudi Arabia and other activities several years earlier.  And there are disconcerting reports (e.g., click here) that he worked for a Security company with major Department of Homeland Security contracts, among other things, to protect federal facilities and 90-percent our nuclear power plants.   

President Obama at least called the attack “an act of terror,” which was better than his refusal to do so after Major Nidal Hasan’s November 5, 2009 Ft. Hood attack (in which Hasan killed 13 and injured more than 30 others) while also shouting “Allāhu Akbar.” For years, the Obama administration classified this act as “workplace violence.” Finally, after six years, Hasan’s conviction of murder and death sentence (He’s still in Death Row.) and with congressional prodding, President Obama finally called Hasan’s act terrorism. In April 2015 and at congressional initiatives, the victims were finally given well-deserved Purple Hearts and casualty benefits, as usually accorded to veterans wounded/killed in action. (Click here.) Subsequently, President Obama finally got around to calling Ft. Hood a “terrorist attack.”

So, now Ft. Hood no longer holds the record as the largest designated terrorist act since 9/11 — also perpetuated by a single jihadist with contacts to al Qaeda, which spawned ISIS by the way. 

Although the President called Sunday morning’s attack terrorism, he then watered down that charge by also calling it an “act of hate,” perhaps to sever or at least weaken its obvious link to Islam with a focus on the “Gay” target. Never mind Islam’s call to kill homosexuals. And he called more “gun control” laws as if that would have helped those attacked by Mateen — actually, wouldn’t it have assured a better outcome if some of those several hundred attacked had guns with them? He also has claimed Mateen was a “homegrown” extremist radicalized online. Click here for a discussion yesterday afternoon as this message went to press of the available information, including comments by FBI Director James Comey.

Whether Mateen was operating alone as a “lone wolf” or as an extension or member of a jihadist cell, he clearly was executing the mandate from the ISIS leadership for all ISIS to carry out such terrorist activities during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan beginning on the evening of June 5thJust a few weeks ago the key spokesman for ISIS, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, called on American ISIS supporters to launch a surge of attacks during Ramadan. ISIS has been telling their supporters you’ll get ten times the rewards in the afterlife if you carry out attacks during Ramadan.

Click here for a May 22, 2016 CNN report on the online mandate — including for “lone wolf jihadist” attacks; and click here for a post Orlando CNN update, including Chairman McCaul’s observation that 800 “suspected radical extremists” in America are in “sympathy with ISIS.”

To be sure, not all Muslims are terrorists or support terrorism . . . indeed the majority are not. Some believe that only 10-percent or so around the world support jihadist attacks on the “infidels.” But 10-percent of a billion or so is over a 100 million. And 10-percent of the Muslims in America must number in many tens of thousands. And in Orlando, we again have had unmistakably demonstrated that it does not take many dedicated jihadist to cause great harm.

Enough with the Political Correctness, already!

We need to confront the truth about the so-called “Religion of Peace,” as President George W. Bush called Islam following 9/11.  Islam is more than a religion — it is also an ideology with regimented authoritarian leaders guided by rules for all of life — called Sharia Law. 

Islam’s true believers seek to impose Sharia Law world-wide. Peace is to be obtained by “submission,” an apt description of the meaning of Islam.  As observed by some (e.g., click here), Islam’s true believers believe that all ultimately have three choices: Convert to Islam; Submit to Islam and pay a religious levy or tax called the “jizya”; or die and rest in peace.

Andy McCarthy has written much and often on the bipartisan madness of many of our leaders.  Andy is well qualified to speak authoritatively on these matters, because of his extensive study of Islam and its Sharia Law as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, a post from which he led the 1993-95 terrorism prosecution against Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others in connection with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. Following the 9/11 attacks, he supervised the Justice Department’s command post near Ground Zero and he did more homework then; and he has since shared his knowledge liberally.

Click here for Andy’s recent informative and cutting analysis of the Orlando situation, don’t be deceived by his title — he goes beyond discussing the Islamic mandate to kill homosexuals to the heart of the matters that we must confront if we are ever to understand the threat posed by Islamic true believers. Moreover, he disputes the common tendency to “blame ISIS” as the root cause of this event in Orlando and other aspects of Islam’s misunderstood conflict with Western Civilization, i.e., in his words:

“. . .  there is abundant Washington and media speculation that the attack was ‘ISIS-inspired.’ This is consistent with the bipartisan, government-approved insanity we have been following for a quarter-century, what I often call the political class’s concoction of “An Islam of Their Very Own.” It goes something like this:

“Islam is a religion of peace, period. End of discussion. ‘Violent extremist’ outfits such as ISIS and al-Qaeda kill wantonly, with no real ideological motivation. ISIS and al-Qaeda are thus not Islamic, but actually anti-Islamic — and if they cite Islamic scripture to justify their atrocities, they are ‘hijacking’ and ‘perverting’ Islam. Because we must see these groups as ‘anti-Islam’ rather than Islam, it is acceptable to call a mass-murder attack ‘terrorism’ only if law-enforcement develops some plausible tie to these groups. Otherwise, if a Muslim is involved, stick with ‘workplace violence’ and the like. Finally when an attack committed by a Muslim is too obviously terrorism to deny, call it ‘ISIS-inspired,’ or ‘al-Qaeda-inspired,’ or ‘Hamas political resistance,’ etc. — but by all means do not, absolutely do not, ascribe it to Islam in any way shape or form.

This is idiocy. Will today’s event, the worst mass shooting in American history, help us see that? We need to consider separately Islam and its sharia law.”

As Andy concludes:

“The problem with mass immigration from sharia enclaves is not merely that trained terrorists may infiltrate the immigrant population. It is that sharia-adherent, assimilation-resistant Muslims will form sharia enclaves in the U.S., as they have throughout Europe, where young Muslims will be “radicalized” under our noses in the years to come. Today, we have gotten another glimpse of radicalization, which is not “homegrown” but rather fueled by a foreign, anti-American, anti-liberty ideology.”

If we are to deal effectively with the threat that confronts us, we must clearly identify it. This observation is obviously important in, among other things, formulating sound immigration policy — which we urgently need.

Treating Islam as simply a religion is counterproductive.  We must get over the related “Political Correctness” perspectives, understand the underlying ideological mandates, and work directly to counter them.

I was impressed by hopeful arguments in a June 12, 2016 Gatestone Institute article by Giuilo Meotti, “The West’s Most Important Ally: Islam’s Dissidents,” which points to a growing number of Muslim Islamic dissidents, apostates, rebels, non-believers and heretics who seek to practice their faith peacefully. Meotti compares them with individuals during the Cold War who stood mostly alone against the communist ideology — leaders like Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II — and dissidents like Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Lech Walesa.

Meotti lists a number of Islam’s dissidents — but is short on the names of today’s independent minded leaders like President Reagan and Pope John Paul, who gave courage to communist dissidents with their challenges to the “Evil Empire.” Certainly, President Obama is not addressing the underlying problems — he can’t even bring himself to identifying them while continuing the claim that Islam is a “religion of peace” and calling for more gun control to prevent terrorist attacks like Orlando — which he can’t bring himself to associate with Islam.

Challenges for our coming election?  You think?

What can you do?

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