I Gotta Be Honest . . . .

I Gotta Be Honest . . . .

Greetings Friends of High Frontier!

Two things I want to be honest with you about, as we close out 2017.

First, honestly in 2017 we saw tremendous positive movement on the issues surrounding solutions to the insecurity of our electric grid and the other national security issues High Frontier focuses on.  This includes a few states participating in Civil Defense Exercises at local levels, specific to a grid down scenario.  As you know High Frontier has been investing time and energy in these efforts for five years.  I could provide a list of things that are finally taking place, and I could provide you a list of things we have done to encourage this fruit, but my assumption is if you are this far into my e-mail, you have been paying attention to our efforts, and are well-aware.

Second, honestly there is nothing I hate more than asking for money.  It is the most difficult aspect of running a non-profit.  Frankly, if it wasn’t for my father, Ambassador Henry Cooper, Chairman of High Frontier, contributing his time to this effort, High Frontier would have already closed its doors.  Much of the previous five years, I too have contributed my time to this effort – which I honestly have considered a privilege, because it has provided me an opportunity to work with my father, which I never could have imagined, and I will never regret.   As it relates to office expenses, for the previous five years, we have run on a skeleton budget, and each year, thus far, we have been blessed to stick around another year!   To those who have made this possible, I want to say thank you, and share with you how grateful we are to you.  Furthermore, I guarantee you we will continue to be good stewards of your contributions.

If you are grateful for the fruit you are seeing, I would ask you to pray about making a generous year-end tax-deductible contribution to our efforts, followed up with a recurring monthly contribution of any amount, from $ 5 to $ 500.  Monthly recurring contributions enable us to budget more effectively!

We hope to capitalize on the momentum and accomplish some big things in 2018, but honestly can only continue with required support.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration!  You can do so by clicking the link below, or mailing a check to High Frontier; 20 F. Street, 7th Floor; Washington, DC  20001.

In closing, I have been working on some agricultural programs, which I believe are critical for building resilient societies, regardless of whether or not we ever face the type of situation High Frontier is working to prevent.  Local agriculture impacts nutrition, healthcare, economics and yes, ultimately national security. I plan to write more about this in the future as I work agriculture into the High Frontier mission.  As an introduction, I’d like to share with you my coming weekly article in The Edgefield Advertiser, which is actually a personal year end message.  Please click here to read my personal year end message.

Thanks again for your partnership with High Frontier!  May 2018 be a productive year for you and your family!



Scott Cooper, Executive Director, High Frontier


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