Ambassador Cooper Speaks at South Carolina Coalition of Tea Parties Convention


High Frontier participated in the January 12-13 Tea Party Coalition Convention at the Springfield Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. In particular, Amb. Cooper discussed the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat and what can be done to counter it, as has been described in our previous three email reports. Many of the several hundred attendees indicated they were unaware of the threat and that they would help us get out the word.

You can take heart that some of these good folks volunteered to help us engage folks in the Panama City area of the Florida panhandle to help build grass roots support for building an Aegis Ashore site on either Tyndall or Eglin Air Force Base, to deal with “mammade” EMP threat from nuclear-armed ballistic missiles launched from vessels in the Gulf of Mexico — or from Venezuella.

Others volunteered to help us overcome the “powers that be” who, in the past two congresses, blocked protective measures for the electric power grid to counter solar-induced EMP, and to back up the missile defenses in countering nuclear-induced EMP.

We will be reporting on our progress in following up on these opportunities.  Hopefully, our supporters will grow in interest and numbers . . . and hopefully they will provide the support we will need to travel to Florida several times in the next several months.

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We will be sharing a YouTube Video of Amb. Cooper’s presentation as soon as we can appropriately incorporate the charts from his presentation.  His informative handout can be reviewed below:Page 1 Myrtle Beach TPC-130112Page 2 2nd version Myrtle Beach TPC-130112 (3)


Page 3 - Myrtle Beach TPC-130112

Page 4 Myrtle Beach TPC-130112

Page 5 - Myrtle Beach TPC-130112Page 6 - Myrtle Beach TPC-130112 Since its founding to help then Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan launch the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), High Frontier has sought to inform U.S. citizens and the powers-that-be that effective Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) systems are needed, affordable and can be built if political obstacles are overcome.  We support developing defenses of all basing modes to be as effective as possible, while working to overcome the political difficulties of achieving acceptance of the most cost-effective BMD systems possible—namely those based in space.

We seek to improve North America’s current ground-based defenses that have limited capability and to give our existing sea-based defenses more capability against intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), while such defenses are either stationed near our coasts or in the neighborhood of nations who might attack America—there, sea-based Aegis defenses could shoot down attacking missiles while they are in the ascent phase of flight.

We also seek a land-based “Aegis Ashore” system like that being deployed in Romania and Poland, beginning in 2015. The same Aegis Ashore system deployed at U.S. military bases near our coasts—e.g., around the Gulf of Mexico where our Aegis ships do not frequent—to protect against missiles launched from nearby vessels by Iran or terrorists to produce an EMP event that could kill two-thirds all Americans.  We are totally vulnerable to this attack today.

High Frontier is also committed to reviving the centerpiece of Ronald Reagan’s SDI program: space-based defenses. These were the most advanced of the SDI programs on January 20, 1993—then scuttled by the Clinton administration, and not revived since. Given the current difficulty in initiating a major acquisition program for space-based interceptors, High Frontier advocates at least further development of key technology that had matured sufficiently to support a fully approved acquisition program in 1991.

High Frontier’s top priorities for 2013 are to:

  • Fully develop the Aegis sea-based defenses—including against an EMP attack on the United States, which would involve Aegis Ashore sites.
  • Promote an understanding of the importance of backing up these active defense systems with passive defenses to protect critical infrastructure, such as the electric power grid, from EMP effects.
  • Revive a space-based defense program to provide a global defense, effective against ballistic missiles in all their phases of flight.
  • Support improvements to existing missile defenses, including the ground-based defenses of the United States and the Theater Missile Defenses for our overseas troops, friends and allies.

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Please give us your feedback on our plans and any suggestions on how we might best make our case in a timely way by e-mailing  The threat is imminent, as Amb. Cooper emphasized in his January 12 briefing.

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