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November 11, 2016 — Morning in America!

November 11, 2016 — Morning in America!

With the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence—and key leadership in congress, we have an opportunity to re-establish the “three-legged stool” that characterized President Ronald Reagan’s metaphor for governing with a unifying approach for the combined interests of social, economic, and foreign policy/defense conservatives. All three are important. All three make vital contributions. All three support the common good. Furthermore, President Elect Trump has indicated his support for returning to this approach that propelled us Reaganites of a quarter century ago. Read Full Story

Today My Father Turns 80!

Today My Father Turns 80!

On election day 2016, my father, Henry F. Cooper will turn 80 years old! Personally, these past five years helping my father, to the best of my ability, has been a true privilege. I have had a front row seat watching someone I consider a true American Patriot doing all he personally can do to help protect the American public from the clear and present danger that is posed through the insecurity of our electric grid. If the coalition of individuals committed to solving this problem in time succeed, there is no question that my father will have played a critical role in that effort. Read Full Story

August 7, 2013—Whither Goeth the  Dog Days of Summer?

August 7, 2013—Whither Goeth the Dog Days of Summer?

In these “dog days of summer” and with congress out of town, intelligence warnings have provoked an unprecedented closure of our embassies and consulates, associated overseas travel alerts, and presumably preparations to deal with jihadi attacks at home and abroad. These sobering events suggest it is time to reconsider our policies for dealing with jihadi terrorists and protecting the American People at home and abroad against failures of past policies—especially in view of the dysfunctional features of the Federal Government that prevent the common defense called for by the Constitution. Read Full Story

April 11, 2013 – All Contingencies Covered – REALLY?

This week, Senior U.S. Officials have stated that our recent missile defense deployments assure that we can shoot down North Koreas ballistic missiles in all contingencies, if they are launched at the U.S. homeland or our troops in the Pacific, e.g., at Guam. But . . . What about one North Korea may actually have been practicing? Read Full Story

Ambassador Cooper Speaks at South Carolina Coalition of Tea Parties Convention

High Frontier participated in the January 12-13 Tea Party Coalition Convention at the Springfield Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. In particular, Amb. Cooper discussed the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat and what can be done to counter it, as has been described in our previous three email reports. Many of the several hundred attendees indicated… Read Full Story